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"Affirm Yourself" Affirmation Cards Deck

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An affirmation is a practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment; they help us reprogram our minds and release negative perceptions and conditioning we’ve been served up to this point. An affirmation is an extremely powerful and accessible tool for manifestation.

We’ve been told we’re not worthy, not beautiful enough, not “whatever” enough… people projecting their own insecurities onto us… when we affirm ourselves, we fill our own cup and empower ourselves with our own divine words, so when someone tells us a lie, we don’t identify with it—we change the narrative and reclaim our power.

This deck is wonderful to use as a morning or evening ritual. Lay down the cards, take a deep breathe and intuitively choose one card that's calling you. Read the affirmation out loud (if you can), and repeat it until you believe those words. Feel the words in your body, believe them. 

You can also place a card on your work desk, fridge, mirror (somewhere you can see it) as a reminder to affirm to yourself daily. There's no right or wrong way to use them, what you should use is your intuition, always and forever.

I See You Wellness started with a single affirmation less than a year ago, and through this practice (among others), our brand has grown to what it is now. We didn't know we would be here, we simply surrender and trusted the process, and here we are.

Affirmations are KEY to our growth and ascension. 

This handmade deck contain
10 affirmation cards chosen intuitively just for you.