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My name is Mariam Mouna Guessous, you can call me Mar. I am originally from Marrakech, Morocco but I consider myself a citizen of the universe. At this time last year, I was yearning for change. I didn't know what it would look like but something had to change.

You see, I had "everything" I wanted, a great paying job in a creative field, an incredible partner to share my life with, a cozy house in Brooklyn, great friends, and the most amazing dog in the world (she really is), but something was missing—I wasn't happy and I couldn't lie to myself.

I hadn't been at ease for years, but I did what I had to do, I worked hard at my job, made a name for myself, fought for what I believed in and created work I was supposed to be proud of. Throughout my career, I always found myself fighting for diversity, equality and established myself as a voice and advocate in the industry, but it wasn't enough. I'm also an "immigrant" and that comes with a whole set of challenges, but I kept pushing forward because I deeply believed I deserved something better. We all do.

For years I kept pushing forward, sometimes coming to a full stop, a stop with no light, no way out, but I kept pushing. I kept digging. Deeper, and deeper and darker. Throughout this 3+ years journey, I gathered tools, learnings and wisdom that helped me stay calm, grounded and connected, even in the middle of depression, despair and the NYC chaos.

I had to find a way to cope for my own survival. 

One day, I found myself heading to a yoga ashram with no idea why, all I knew was that I heard a whisper of my intuition asking me to "retreat", so retreat I did. I took off for 4 days and came back transformed—I had gathered practical tools like yoga, meditation, breath-work, plant-based eating to help me raise my vibrations. 
I didn't know squat about any of these things. But I could FEEL myself becoming lighter... a feeling I hadn't felt in years.

So I kept seeking, practicing... and healing. One day at a time.

I faced all my fears, one by one until it was time to let it all go... to surrender. To say "Fuck it".  So I did. I surrendered and quit my high paying job (and wrote about it here) with absolutely no plan. I was surrendered, I didn't need the plan.

I had done so much in the last years that I just wanted to BE.

Less doing. More being. And my motto "let's see what happens" resurfaced again.

I left my job in June 2017. I wrote my first affirmation that same month as a tweet. It was time to create my own reality and use the tools I gathered throughout the years. A couple of months later, I was asked to participate in my first event and distribute my affirmations to the women who attended. It ended up being a powerful, humbling experience of women reading their affirmations out loud to each other, I was so inspired. 

The very first event. August 2017.

 Next thing I know, I'm invited to more events, so I decided to share more of myself, and share the wisdom I carry with me from my ancestors.

I asked for guidance and channeled spirit to create all my of products, using knowledge I always had but never put to use. The Self Care Collection was born. It was all done in 5 days and in complete flow. I barely used my brain, my intuition and instincts took over and like magic... I created. I create for a living but this was different, this was divine. In fact, this website was also done in 5 days. It was all easy and natural and now I know that it was easy because I'm surrendered. I am guided. I don't need to work hard or "do" anything. I just had to be myself and go through my process with love, joy and intention. 

Where I debuted the Self Care Collection. September 2017. (Weeksville Heritage Center)
As a natural empath, I always felt energy of the world but never learned how to work with it. With my learnings, I began to understand how it worked, how to raise my own vibrations and how to master my own energy frequency so it doesn't get disturbed by any outside forces.

I found peace. Joy. Love. And everything wonderful in between. I was free.

I was then guided through a unlikely series of encounters to receive my Reiki attunements, I had no idea what Reiki was. But my intuition knew it was what I needed. So I became a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner and began infusing my products with Reiki. Short months later, my clients showed up and asked for Reiki sessions. I literally didn't have to do anything. It was all flow.

I can't tell you I know what I'm doing. None of us do... but I can tell you with great confidence that what I'm guided to do is channeled from a place of deep love, intention and light. That, I am certain of. 

Start here for a summary:

This is a long story to say this: I healed myself and throughout the process, I found my purpose and gained accessible tools and knowledge and my mission is to share it with you. Everything I make is with intention and is high vibrational, if I'm not feeling great, I do not work, I rest until my vibrations are at their highest, that's when I create. 

What you're getting is really a little piece of my light (and reiki!), and my hope is that my light helps spark yours so you too, can heal yourself.

Self Care & Self Love will change your life and I am here walking side by side with you as we collectively raise our vibrations and ultimately, change the world.

I'm so grateful for all of you. Thank you for allowing me to serve you. 

I See You. I Love You. Let's do this together.


*There's so much more to this story. So much magic. I'll share it all with you in due time.