About The Founder

Mariam Mouna Guessous "Mar" is a Marrakech native Brooklyn-based Healing Artist on a mission to assist folks heal, rise and embody their unique medicine. Mar comes from a lineage of healers and medicine people from the indigenous land of North Africa (The Imazighen / The Amazigh) and has extensively studied various healing modalities and continues to bring accessible wellness to communities who need it most.
Mar is the founder of I See You Wellness, Sanctuary and Apothecary, their work centers healing justice, community care and ancestral remembrance. She now serves a global community via I See You Sanctuary, a membership community for those who are on a healing path and are ready to rise and embody their unique medicine. Her work is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of her community and the collective as a whole. 
Mar also co-created Zen Day Wellness Conference in 2018, the first community wellness conference that promotes movement, mindfulness & modern spirituality among Women of Color.
Mar leads by BEING—not preaching—she guides her community with kindness, humor and lightheartedness and with the utmost belief that we are ALL hold unique medicine that the world needs. Her work revolves around nurturing and awakening the medicine in those who seek her.
Mar's work has been featured in: ESSENCE Magazine, Refinery29, Madame Noire, Black Girl in OM, Brit & Co, Well + Good, Self Magazine, Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Beyoncé's Black Parade...
Mar has received training and certifications in:
  • African Indigenous Spiritual Technologies with Elder Malidoma Somé
  • University of California San Francisco: Certificate of Integrative Health & Healing on Radical Black Feminist approaches to health-care and healing
  • Community Herbalism with The People's Medicine School
  • Tarot Training from Soul Tarot School
  • Dance Teacher Certification from Houston Community College
  • Reiki Energy Healing with Olivea Shure
  • Certificate of Sound Healing from Sage Academy of Sound 
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) From Sivananda (Karen Arthur)
  • Highly Sensitive and Psychic training from New Earth Mystery School
  • Transformative Energy Work from Energy Academy
Mar holds a Bachelors of Arts and prior to launching her healing practice, she spent a decade as a Creative in the Advertising industry, where she was a teacher and advocate for equality and equity for underrepresented communities within the Media and Creative Industries. 
Get in touch with Mar: iseeyou.wellness@gmail.com