It all started with one affirmation.

The power of affirmations is real.

An affirmation is a statement or a declaration you say or read to affirm yourself. It is the practice of positive thinking and self empowerment. They help us reprogram our minds and release any negative beliefs or conditioning we might still be holding on to. 

Affirmations are an extremely powerful and accessible tool for manifestation. You can affirm yourself in every area of your life—you can manifest the life you deeply desire through affirmations and other tools I'll be sharing with you in other posts.

I always tell women to start with their words. Words are literally spells, this is why we call it "spelling" a word. Thoughts that become words can become a reality and the universe is a creator—it doesn't distinguish between "good" or "bad—it simply creates based on the energies it is given. That means, if you can mindfully change your narrative, change the way you speak, your life will eventually follow in that same direction.

Sounds simple? It's because it is. Here's how it works:

  1. Write down your wildest, most empowering statement about yourself (whether you currently believe it or not)
  2. Read it multiple times and every day until it starts to feel true.
  3. Believe that it is being worked on and keep your thoughts as positive as you can, always affirming yourself.
  4. Very important part: if you slip (go into a negative spiral) do not beat yourself up, instead, affirm yourself with love. Respond with love. Always.


      The truth is, we create our own reality but it is a process, so if you are early in the process, do not despair and do not give up. It's a process, yes, and it takes dedication and devotion to your Self Care and Self Love practices, and while it's a journey, it doesn't have to take years, you will see the results relatively quickly if you're consistent and if you continue to respond with love for yourself. 

      Listen, I am the living proof of this.

      In June 2017, I quit my big office job (and wrote about it here) and let go of everything I knew in order to save myself and remove myself from an environment that wasn't for me. It wasn't affirming for me. I deeply believed that I deserved better. That we all deserved better. So without a plan, I left it all behind with no idea where I'll end up.

      That June, I wrote my first affirmation and shared it as a tweet. In August, a dear friend of mine invited me to share these affirmations with women at her community event—I wanted to tell women that I saw them, that I was them, that we're all in this together. 

      Less than a month later, "I See You" was born. 

      While I did not fully intend to start this brand, I knew that I wanted to empower communities of color—as that is what I did on top of my day job in my previous career—I knew i wanted to continue that work. I just didn't know how exactly.

      When I surrendered and focused on myself. Everything came together.

      And it all started with one affirmation.


      The one that started it all.










      With gratitude,


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