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Detox + Purify Bath Salts & Feet Soak

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Salt has been used for centuries as a cleansing and detoxification agent and has been supportive as a powerful cleanser in spiritual and energy work. 

Our bath salts and feet soak combines the power of various salts, herbs, flowers, essential oils and flower essences for maximum cleansing and shielding. 

Taking a salt bath or soaking your feet in salt is a relaxing way to cleanse your energy field and can be done periodically to maintain clarity, protection and lightness. We recommend 1x/week or 2x/month.

Pro tips/how to use:

  • Light a candle 
  • Set a clear intention of what you’d like to cleanse/release while directing your intention to the salt and the water
  • Soak your body (or your feet) in warm/hot water for at least 20mins
  • Watch the water go down the drain as you visualize it pulling all impurities out of your body
  • Express Gratitude to the elements (salt, water, flowers, herbs...)
  • Drink a lot of water, tea and rest afterwards 

Herbs on the side:

Do you dread cleaning your tub after an herbal bath? You can now request herbs on the side. You can either:

  • Place the provided bag of herbs directly into your bathtub to steep it in the hot water OR
  • Pour boiling water into your herbs for 10-30 minutes, drain the bath tea and pour it directly into your bathtub water 
  • These herbs can also be used as a headwash 
  • DO NOT drink as tea

You'll receive the equivalent of 2-3 portions, but feel free to use as needed.

This blend contains:

  • Epsom Salts
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Cleansing essential oils (i.e Rosemary)
  • Herbs and flowers Allies
  • Flower Essences

All orders come with an affirmation card, chosen intuitively just for you.

All products are plant-based, handmade & Reiki charged.