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2024 Yearly Reading (Delivered digitally)

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This month by month reading is designed for you to access answers, insights and guidance from the spirit world on what's coming ahead for you in 2024. This isn't a prediction type of reading, it is a spirit offering guided by the ancestors and will focus on potential opportunities, challenges and the medicine needed for you to embody your unique path in 2024. Your readings will include month by month mini readings with monthly themes for you, spirit messages and guidance and coaching from Mar. This will be delivered in a 1-2 hour reading.

This is an energy reading where we'll use a variety of tools: astrology, oracle and tarot cards, spirit and ancestral communication, African Elemental Wisdom and Numerology to uncover themes and call to actions. Mar will use her experience in energy work and divination to provide guidance, reassurance and the confirmations you need to align and keep going in your path. 

This reading may include a ritual "prescription".

Your reading will be delivered by mid January 2024. 

If you have any questions before booking or if you want to see if this is the right session for you, please email iseeyou.wellness@gmail.com  

There are only a handful of spots available until sold out.