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Limited Edition: Spirit of Abundance Kit

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Experience the power of plant spirits with our limited edition spirit of abundance kit. Nourish your Spirit with this beautiful set of handcrafted tools: an Infused Spiritual Oil for all your magical workings, a Flower Essence to gently shift your vibration towards abundance and an Aura Spray to keep you attuned to abundance. 

How to work with the Spirit of Abundance Kit:

First of all, these products are tools designed to support you as you call in more abundance to your life, we'd like to remind you that magic is YOU and the intentions you set. We hope these tools inspire you to set those intentions, to dare to dream and to attune you towards abundance.

  • Spiritual Oil: This botanical infused spiritual oil can be used in all your magical workings, i.e: drop some in your baths, add drops to your candles, anoint yourself daily, drop some in your petitions etc. You are welcome to experiment and get creative.
  • Aura Spray: The Aura Spray is designed to attune your energy field towards abundance, we recommend you spray it around you and take a deep break as you envision the type abundance you want to call in. You can also spray it before an important meeting or while pursuing abundant projects.
  • Flower Essence*: This flower essence contains the spirit of Marigold, which helps in boosting one's mood and attracts joy and abundance in your life. Take 4 drops up 4 times a day, either by mouth or in your favorite beverage.

A flower essence is a subtle energetic medicine that tends to our essential emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It contains the energetic imprint of specific flowers and is taken by mouth daily. Flower essences do not contain the body of the plants which makes them safe to consume for anyone. Flower essences are preserved in alcohol but are very diluted.

Limited edition: While supplies last.