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"Ground Yourself" Grounding Roll-On

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Featured on the April issue of ESSENCE magazine!

“Ground Yourself” is by far our most powerful and most popular creation.This tiny (but mighty!) roll-on is a very effective grounding tool, helping you "come back to earth" almost instantly, especially when you feel anxious or unaligned.

Its combination of "roots" essential oils work together to help ground you AND clear any negative energies around you as it contains Palo Santo Essential Oil. It is a temple in a bottle and is great to use in times when you can't smudge.

Close your eyes and take a good sniff of it and exhale deeply as you feel yourself grounding back to earth. A little goes a long way—it can be used on your temples, wrists, forehead, chest... use your intuition when it comes to application. 

Use during any meditative activity: walk, yoga, meditation, running, reading etc
Use in times of stress or crisis. 
Carry it with you everywhere. 

Fractioned Coconut Oil + Organic Essential Oils Blend* (33ml)

If you have any allergies to specific essential oils, please email us after you order and include your order number.

All orders come with one affirmation card, chosen intuitively just for you.

All products are plant-based, handmade 
& Reiki infused.

*Contains Palo Santo Essential Oil + 4 other Essential Oils.

"Ground Yourself" Roll-On made it onto The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics brand new list of 700 non-toxic Black beauty and personal care products made by Black-owned brands.