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"Cleanse Yourself" Smudge Spray

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This powerful cleansing smudge spray is made with White Sage and Palo Santo, combining two powerful smudging herbs into one highly effective smudge spray—without the smoke.

White Sage is a perennial plant native to the Southwest U.S. and has been used for centuries as incense and for ceremonial purposes by Native Americans.

Palo Santo means "Holy Wood" in Spanish, it is a sacred tree that can be found throughout South America and has been used by natives as incense and to clear negative energies. It has a wonderful sweet smell that helps you feel immediately calm and centered.

They are both very powerful in clearing negative energies within you and around you. They also help disinfect and purify the air, drive away mosquitos and relax your body and mind.

Both White Sage and Palo Santo are being over-harvested or illegally harvested which is why we created this alternative way to share these precious recourses.