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"Clear Yourself" Palo Santo + Sage Bundle

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“Clear Yourself” is a beautiful bundle of two of the most powerful clearing and smudging tools used in the Americas. White Sage is a perennial plant native to the Southwest U.S. and has been used for centuries as incense and for ceremonial purposes by Native Americans.

Palo Santo means "Holy Wood" in spanish, it is a sacred tree that can be found throughout South America and has been used by natives as incense and to clear negative energies. It has a wonderful sweet smell that helps you feel immediately calm and centered.

They are both very powerful in clearing negative energies within you and around you. They also help disinfect and purify the air, drive away mosquitos and relax your body and mind.

Both White Sage and Palo Santo are being over-harvested or illegally harvested which is why we have a limited quantity and looking to grow our own sage + create alternative smudge sticks. Both are sourced responsibly and no trees or forests were harmed in gathering them.

First, open the bundle as they are meant to be used separately. Simply burn the tip, blow out the smoke and move it around you or the space you occupy to clear any lingering negative energies. Be present throughout this process and set an intention for "clearing" or "reset"

Sage burns faster and produces more smoke, so burn it lightly. We suggest you use it when you want to clear all energies and reset.
Palo Santo needs more flame time (about 10-20s), we suggest you burn it when you want to invite in specific energies like love, peace, joy. To do so, simply burn it with a clear intention.

4" White Sage Smudge Stick + 4" Palo Santo Wood Stick.

All orders come with one affirmation card, chosen intuitively just for you.

All products are plant-based, handmade 
& Reiki infused.