The Path of Being

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When I faced my fears, quit my corporate job and reset my identity and reality, I asked myself and my guides: What’s next? What do I do now? And the answer was clear and succinct:

You’ve done enough… JUST BE.

I knew at that moment that I had to surrender fully and completely in order to allow forces higher and wiser than me to lead the way. My life had changed dramatically in moments. I was no longer tethered to a corporation, I no longer had to answer to a boss, I no longer had to put on a mask every morning and pretend to be someone I was not. Even those who I considered friends disappeared overnight. 

As I surrendered to BEING, all falseness began to fall away. Like a gentle removal of veils, I began to see clearly day after day that all I had done up to that point, all that I had built and all that I had learned had to be recycled, trashed and unlearned.

In order for me to BE ME, I had to first let go of who I thought I was, over and over again. 

Once I received the next steps, I proceeded to JUST BE… and low and behold, as I surrendered, miracles started happening before my eyes. I was no longer the one hustling to make things happen, I simply took a seat, got present and experienced the magic that was there all along. 

I was finally opening myself to receiving my divine inheritance. 

The Path of being requires radical presence. Radical acceptance. Radical Self Care and Self Love. And Radical Nowness.

It requires a radical commitment to BEING, in total acceptance, over and over again, until we surrender to the divine flow of life.

This path is radical because up to this point we’ve been conditioned to do and do and do some more. Constantly chasing the next goal, the next destination, the next "thing" to do… and for what? What’s the point of chasing the dangling carrot if we never get a taste of it?

This is what I awakened to years ago and once I saw this construct—that we consented to, by the way—I could not unsee it. In that moment, I vowed to commit to my path of being, I vowed to review and undo all that I had consented to, in this dimension and beyond.

I vowed to BE ME. Fully, completely and unapologetically.

The Path of Being is never a defined path. It’s a path that will consistently challenge the ego mind and its “to do list”, and this is why I love it. This path is challenging not because it’s hard for us to BE who we really are, it’s challenging because we have been conditioned otherwise. 

When the ego mind coerces me into DOing something… my BEINGNESS reminds me that it is already done. 

The Path of Being is the path of being HERE, right this second. And the next. And the next. It’s so simple and it relieves you from all the burden of human conditioning and human suffering, if we allow it. This path teaches you that you are not the one who causes life to happen, you are the witness of life happening on your behalf. 

We are human beings, not human doings. This path is not about getting somewhere and improving oneself. It is about BEING that which we already are as there’s absolutely nothing to improve about the Self. 

The Self, the consciousness or the witness needs no improvements… it simply wants to be experienced.

We are in a crucial time in our human evolution where mass awakenings is taking place, we’re breaking the cycle of treating our bodies as our servant machines and our minds as data landfills, we are beginning to embody our power as creator beings as we create new realities for ourselves and our descendants.

When I heard those first two words “Just BE”, I didn’t know those two simple words would become my path, a path I explore, embody and teach. The more I come back to this simple teaching, the more I open new portals of healing and exploration that would send me on journeys around the universe, gathering wisdom and data, only to come back to the simple presence of my being. 

In theory, it should be easy for us—as human beings—to BE, because it is our nature, it is the nature of all that is organic and living on earth. A tree, a flower or a bird isn’t trying to prove anything… it just is, it just does what it does… moment to moment. So why do humans complicate things? A simple answer is the conditioned ego mind. 

We have given so much power to our ego minds that we completely forgot who we are in essence.

The ego mind, as far as I understand it is a programmable computer and storage system. I jokingly refer to the ego mind in my teachings as a primitive computer that’s running on “Windows 95” with various viruses impacting its ability to function properly. So our task is to recognize what’s happening and reprogram our minds to a software that works better for US. Not a mass-produced cookie-cutter software that makes it easy on “the powers that be” to manipulate us on a mass scale, but to a program that works for our unique beingness.

We have allowed governments and corporate entities to define and determine how we BE. Our minds have been controlled and manipulated over time to give our free will power away to entities who are only interested in growing their own wealth and power. They have reduced us to a herd frequency to be manipulated at their will. It is a very effective strategy indeed… until we take our power back and use our god given free will to do whatever the fuck we want.

When we come back to our BEING—our innate frequency—we become aware of the complexity of our beingness, we become aware of our nuances and our uniqueness and that of others. This allows us to become more human, more compassionate and most importantly... more “US”. We quit trying to fit into the manufactured herd frequency and begin to embrace the gift of our being in all its complexities and contradictions. 

At the core of every human need is the need to BE oneself. Our mission on earth is simply to be ourselves and while we spent generations hiding who we are, we are now at the new frontiers of embracing all that we are.

The practices we do, physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and all other healing practices are not done to improve the Self, we do them to remember the Self. We do the work to REMEMBER who we’ve always been. We do the work to remove the shackles, the masks and the boxes that have been placed upon us. 

We heal and mend the wounds of forgetfulness and by doing so, we remember and we BEcome. In this lifetime, we GET TO do this work, we GET TO be ourselves, we GET TO reinvent and reprogram and that, in and of itself, is the energetic legacy we GET TO leave behind.

People live and die. Books get written and get burned. Concepts are explored and forgotten. But frequency and energy can never be destroyed. 

The Path of Being continues,  every second, every day, every lifetime. It’s a commitment to BEING ourselves. To not abandon ourselves and our bodies. It’s a commitment to being radically present on this planet and exist in all our glory as we surrender fully and completely to the essence of who we are—human beings.

We are. We exist. That is and will always be, ENOUGH.


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