A Guide To Affirming Yourself Into Existence

This piece was written by Mariam Mouna for Sad Girls Club

Affirmations were a catalyst to my growth and expansion as I discovered how much power I held over myself and how malleable my beliefs were. I started designing my life on my own terms while simultaneously letting go of what isn’t aligned with my highest vision. I started editing my life: my thoughts, beliefs, behavior and the stories I told myself, and rewrote them in a way that felt good to me.

The conscious act of choosing to love myself. Fully, completely and unapologetically. The conscious decision to undo years of conditioning by speaking my worth into existence. The power of affirmations is real, it’s tangible and it’s accessible to anyone with the desire to empower themselves and redirect their life.

When I quit my “perfect” career/job in 2017, it was a scary to say the least; not knowing where I was heading and if I would be accepted by the world. And for the first time in my life, I chose myself. I chose to give myself time, space, love and compassion as I was becoming—even though I didn’t know exactly who I was becoming. I decided that I was worthy; of better, of more and of everything I desired. I realized that it was my responsibility to empower myself.


So I picked up a pen and spoke to myself—affirmed myself—the way I wanted others to affirm me. I gave myself permission to dream big, to believe in magic and to trust the universe. I gave myself permission (and power) to create my own reality and take control of my own life and decisions.


Affirmations act as emotional support and encouragement during a time of transition, and let’s face it, we are constantly in transition as we are always moving and expanding, and the intention is to move in harmony with your soul and with the universe.

Affirmations are Self Love Mantras. They help us attune to our desired frequency. The more you repeat them, believe them and feel them in your body, the more likely they will manifest.


My process for writing affirmations is very intuitive and I highly recommend you experiment, write your own and follow your intuition as there are no rules. But there are some pointers I’d like to share with you to try when writing your own affirmations:


You can of course affirm yourself out loud or in your mind, but I find it more powerful to write them down. The process of writing your thoughts makes them even more “real” as they’ve now moved from the circuits of your brain (energy) into the physical world (matter). Technically, if you write it down, it’s already manifested in this world and now all you have to do is embody it.


“Seeing is believing” is how most human brains work, however, the brain doesn’t know the difference between what we see with our eyes or what we see in our mind’s eyes, so in order to “reprogram” your mind, a simple trick is to visualize what you desire. You can do this by closing your eyes, getting into a meditative state and SEEing yourself in the energy you desire. Your imagination is your manifestation tool, use it abundantly to create your reality. If you can see it, the mind can believe it.


While you visualize it, you can now bring it into your body and feel it. Ask yourself: What does this new energy feel like in my body and get familiar with that feeling. If you want peace, see yourself in peace and feel it in your body. If you want a new job, what would your new work feel like? Try this feeling on as if you were trying on a new coat.

This could feel like bliss, joy, peace, freedom… just bask in that feeling as you visualize it. Similar to writing it, what you’re doing here is bringing that energy that’s always available to you from the ether into the physical—in this case, your physical body. This is one of the most powerful ways to manifest anything, really. If you can feel it, the universe can match it.


When you “wish” or “ask” for something, you’re sending the signal to the universe that you don’t believe it is already available to you and that there is something outside of you, that can give it to you. So you keep asking, and not realizing that you’re sending the wrong signal. To remedy that belief pattern, you can start declaring instead of asking. For example: go from “I want to be happy. I want peace. I ask for abundance.” to “I am joy. I am peace. I am abundant in all things” and proceed to feel the joy, peace and abundance within you and around you. Claim it, because it’s available to you and chances are, it’s already in your life, you just haven’t brought awareness to it yet.


This isn’t to say that affirmations on their own can help you manifest anything and everything, not really, but it is an effective and powerful first step on this journey.



Affirming yourself is the process of giving yourself what you need at the time you need it, so if your mind wants to manifest a new job but your soul just needs love to get through the day, it’s crucial that you give your soul what it needs at that moment. Your self awareness plays a big role in this journey, the way you show up for yourself and give yourself what you need is the whole point of the inner journey.

So go ahead and try it. Affirm yourself into existence.



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