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Webinar: Radical Self Care for Radical Times (Energy Flow)

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**This is a pre-recorded energy work session, it will be sent via email shortly ordering** 

We are at the tipping point of major change on our planet, and there's SO much going on multidimensionally, but don't get me wrong, this change is very positive indeed, it's a blessing in disguise. This shift requires us to be armed with a hefty toolbox to care for ourselves holistically. Self Care and Community Care are obligatory in these times, we cannot move forward without them.

Radical Self Care for Radical Times is a series of webinars designed to arm you with spiritual and energy tools you need to thrive and rise in these unique times.

During this LIVE Energy Work session, Mar explains current planetary energies and shares techniques to release, cleanse and integrate low vibrational energies like fear, guilt and lack. You will learn how to "run energy" and get back into the natural flow of your being.

We'll conclude the session with guided energy session and meditation working with Reiki, planetary and universal energies.

Please book at the level you can afford to help us keep this space open to those who need it most.