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"Refresh Yourself" Summer Toner

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“Refresh Yourself” is a facial toner and mist that is designed to bring you a sense of renewal and relaxation throughout your day—especially during busy or stressful days.

It is made with the refreshing and moisturizing Moroccan Rose Water, and a special blend of essential oils that keep your skin fresh and help calm your nervous system. Its 2oz to-go size is wonderful during travel and when you’re out and about.

Refresh Yourself also carries powerful moon water (water charged and blessed under the full moon) which makes it potent when used with intention.

Spritz closer to your face as toner before your moisturizer, and a bit farther from your face after makeup to help set it. You can use it throughout the day—I promise it won’t ruin your makeup—and immediately after using, take a deep breathe and feel the renewal coming over you. You can also visualize light or repeat a mantra or affirmation.

Take it with you everywhere during the hot summer days!

Moroccan Rose Water • Organic Witch Hazel • Distilled Moon Water * Organic Essential Oils Blend* (2oz)

If you have any allergies to specific essential oils, please email us after you order and include your order number.

All orders come with one affirmation card, chosen intuitively just for you.

All products are plant-based, handmade 
& Reiki infused.

*Contains Chamomille Essential Oil + 2 other Essential Oils.