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Reading With Mariam

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This session is conducted virtually via skype or facetime OR it will be pre-recorded and sent directly to your inbox for you to watch and rewatch anytime you want.

If you are based in NYC and want to have an in-person session, please mention it in the notes and we'll do out best to accommodate you. In-Person sessions are available for "unlimited time" option only. This session can last up to 2 hours.

This session is designed for you to access answers, insights and guidance into a specific area of your life. It is a safe space for you to release, ask questions and inquire about your path or anything you want more clarity and guidance on.

This is an energy reading where we'll use a variety of oracle and tarot cards to uncover answers and guidance. Mar will use her experience in energy as well as divination and channeling to provide guidance, reassurance and the confirmations you need to align and keep going in your path. 

Whether you need help, guidance, reassurance, a space to process your feelings or a specific question answered, this session will always be catered to you and your needs and is 100% spirit-led.

Most importantly, you are your own healer and Mar is dedicated to helping you see your potential and rise up to your power. She is here to serve you, raise your vibrations and be a clear channel for your growth and expansion. 

If you have any questions before booking or if you want to see if this is the right session for you, please email iseeyou.wellness@gmail.com  

You'll receive an email after booking requesting your availability.