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Past Life Regression & Quantum Healing W/ Mar

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***Only 2 sessions available per month — once it's sold out, you must wait until the following month to book your session. It is first come, first served.***

***This sessions lasts up to 5 hours and it is recommended that you clear your entire day to integrate the healing.***


This form of hypnosis and past/future life regression integrates Quantum Alchemy Healing as well as implants, cords and entity removal.

This session is a deep dive into the quantum field of your consciousness. We work exclusively with your Higher Self and your Angelic and Archangel teams to help you safely journey into multidimensional timelines to neutralize, repair, heal and integrate various aspects of yourself. 

Hypnosis and Regression work can be very effective in healing past life traumas, habits and patterns that traditional energy healing doesn't allow for. 

This session will consist of a guided Q&A, Energy and Quantum Healing followed by Hypnosis Past Life Regression and ending with entity and implants removal. You will also have a chance to ask your guides various questions to aid you in your mission in this lifetime.

This session can last up to 5 hours and is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your multidimensionality, your purpose in this lifetime and assist awakening beings in unplugging from the matrix.

Come with no expectations, just an open mind and a desire to HEAL.

This session is for you if you're:

  • Ready to meet your Guides and Multidimensional Selves
  • Ready to explore your past lives to gain insight on your mission
  • Ready to activate your mission on earth
  • Ready to heal deeply from past life traumas, phobias, habits, patterns etc
  • Ready to gain deeper understanding of your multidimensional self
  • Ready to clear low vibrational energies, entities, implants and cords you might have contracted in this life or any other lifetimes
  • Ready to take your healing journey to the multidimensional level

All those who are called are welcome—no previous experience necessary—the only requirement is a deep desire to heal. 

Important Booking info:

This session will be conducted via ZOOM. The session will be recorded so you can re-listen to it.

Further information and ways to prepare will be shared with you once you book your session. 

PLEASE READ: Please book/pay for your session on this website then I'll reach out to you within 48hrs to schedule your session.

You will need to clear at least half your day for this session—it is NOT recommended to drive a vehicle or conduct any intense activity after this session. It is HIGHLY recommended that you clear your entire day and take it easy so the healing and integration can take place.