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"Live Your Medicine" Package - Limited Edition

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This is a limited edition Self Care Package made with the intention to help you initiate a new beginning and live your medicine. 

This package includes:

  • "New Beginnings" Spiritual Oil: A spiritual oil formulated with herbs, crystals, prayers and intentions for new beginnings and initiating newness as a whole. It can be used in all spiritual workings such as anointing oneself, in candles, altars, baths, floor washes etc
  • "Live Your Medicine" Flower Essence Blend: A blend of homegrown and handmade flower essences that work on a subtle and energetic level to help you integrate the lessons of the past and gently move you into a space where you feel confident in taking up space and speaking your truth. Flower essences are meant to be consumed by mouth up to 4 times a day. They are the spirit of the flowers and are safe to consume by anyone including children and pets. The flowers in this blend are: Orange Day Lilly, Daffodils, Red Columbine and Periwinkle.
  • Sacred Herbal Blend: This heart opening and mind clearing herbal blend can be consumed as tea or smoked. We recommend gently grinding gently between your fingers to release the healing oils before consuming.
  • Affirmations & Incense: You'll also receive a set of affirmation cards chosen specifically for and incense sticks to help you set the ritual mood

This is a limited edition package and there are only a handful available. Once it's sold out, we will not be making more.