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In-Person Healing Session (in Brooklyn)

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The session start the second you book and schedule it. Mar will ask for your birth info and will take a deep dive into your astrology birth chart as well as the Dagara cosmology system to better understand your medicine and how it wants to flow through you in this season of your life. Mar will then translate the data into action steps and messages that will bring clarity and support that what you're inquiring about.

In-person sessions at I See You Studio are unlike anything you experienced, they are 100% led by our guides and are a sacred, safe space to tap deeply, to heal, to release and reset. These sessions are for those who are seeking deep healing and/or are in time of transition. 

We will begin with a guided talk to uncover and "process", over tea. We'll then move into our session that will be customized to your needs and can include Sound Healing, Reiki, Energy Field Work, chakra cleansing, tuning and harmonizing your energy and ancestral healing as well as individual ritual work if that's what's needed. We'll end with a reading to receive direct guidance from your spirit guides and ancestors.

You will also receive a take home custom flower essence and self care package to continue the work after the session.


When it comes to healing, Mar encourages you to listen to your intuition, let it guide you to the right practitioner for you, but always remember that you are your own healer and everyone else is a guide or a facilitator, the work must be done by you. 

The benefit of working with a healer is for you to speed up your process and access the energy you need to move in ease and flow onto the next step of your journey. We are not meant to do this healing work alone, the same way we are not meant to heal from a broken bone alone.

In a session, we don't set expectations, we set intentions. We welcome anything that comes up with love and an open heart. We love both our shadow and our light. We connect with our spirits and welcome guidance. And we learn how to listen, love and walk in our purpose. 

Energy Healing can help you:

  • Feel relaxed and clear
  • Clear energetic blocks
  • Open and balance your energy centers
  • Relieve anxiety and negative thinking
  • Heal old traumas holding you back
  • Help you move forward
  • Bring clarity and confirmation
  • Connect to your spirit guides and ancestors
  • Heal physical and emotional injuries 
  • and so much more magic

Important Booking info:

This session will be conducted in PERSON at I See You Studio in Brooklyn and it is completely catered to your needs. Sessions can last up to 2 hours.

PLEASE READ: Please book/pay for your session on this website then I'll reach out to you to schedule your in-person session.