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Cleansing Ceremony w/ Damasa Doyle

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A deep energy cleanse ceremony led by Damasa Doyle on the New Moon in Virgo.

About Damasa:

Dãmasa Doyle is a Medicine Woman, Mindfulness Coach and Certified Yoga, Reiki, Thai Massage & Energy practitioner who serves as a supportive guide to healing & wellness by focusing on transmuting, unblocking and releasing stagnant energy into joy, flow and ease by using a combination of somatic techniques included but not limited to bodywork, breath work, yoga, meditation, movement, guided journeying and African & South American Shamanic cosmology. Dãmasa brings integrated mindfulness practices, the art of ritual and one of a kind experiences to private clients, educational spaces and corporate businesses to support better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, well being. She offers one-on-one sessions and small intimate group workshops out of her DamaSoul Health and Wellness studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY