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"Cleanse" Sound Healing Journey with Reiki — Remember Who You Are

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this is a replay of a live sound bath session that took place on April 3, once you place your order you’ll receive a video recording shortly afterwards. 

Theme: Remember who you are 

This session will be focused on clearing fear and panic while boosting the nervous and immune systems. We will work with fire energies and spirits to cleanse, transmute and activate the fire within so we can all remember who we are rise to our mission.

We will start with a collective energy reading going over what's going on multidimensionally, then proceed with a healing journey with sound and reiki, followed by QA and more spirit messages. 

Energy hygiene is just as important as physical hygiene, when we consistently cleanse and clear our energy body, we are able to maintain a high vibration for longer and raise the vibration of everyone around us. 

Sound has been used by ancient civilizations as well as modern times to facilitate healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. When infused with intention, meditation and energy work, sound bathing can shift your entire state of being.

Mar bridges Spirit and Sound in this deeply healing session and uses various sound tools and energy healing modalities to create an experience (a frequency) where you can accelerate and deepen your healing and spiritual practice.

Join us in this relaxing, rejuvenating and transcendental healing journey guided by Mar, as she cleanses and clears your energy body.

This intimate session is a safe space for you to release and clear anything that doesn't serve you energetically, to integrate the lessons of last season and make space for the blessings of this season. It is also a safe space for you to connect to your ancestors and guides and develop your intuitive muscles. It is an opportunity for you to access the healing and magic within yourself. Everyone is welcome, especially beginners. 

I See You Wellness is a safe space for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and self-identified MISFITS.

A few sliding scale pricing available for those who need it. Please book at the level you can afford to help us keep this space open to those who need it most.

This session will take place online via ZOOM. You'll receive all the info and links to join prior to the session.