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Energy Tuning Session

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This Energy Attunement Session is a focused mini Reiki session. This session is perfect for regulars who want to do maintenance work to keep their vibrations high in between sessions and for those who desire to tune into one specific energy, for example: Joy, Peace, Abundance etc. Mariam will guide you on a meditation and attune you to the desired energy so you can easily allow it it to flow into your life.

A typical session with Mariam consists of:

  • Grounding and Cleansing
  • Sound Healing and Aromatherapy
  • Mini Energy Reiki Session
  • Talk and Intuitive Guidance
  • Affirmations
  • Check in

In a session, we don't set expectations, we set intentions. We welcome anything that comes up with love and an open heart. We love both our shadow and our light. We connect with our spirits and welcome guidance. And we learn how to listen, love and walk in our purpose.

Reiki is given through gentle touch and it helps you:

  • Feel relaxed and clear
  • Clear energetic blocks
  • Open and balance your chakra
  • Relieve anxiety and negative thinking 
  • Help heal physical and emotional traumas
  • Connect to your spirit guides
  • Raise your vibrations
  • and so much more

Sessions can last up to 1 hour and 15mins.

This session includes a 25% discount to be used towards Self Care Products.

You'll receive an email after booking requesting your availability.

I See You Studio is located in South Williamsburg (L,G,J,M,Z trains)