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Yoni & Womb Medicine (while supplies last)

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Choose from:

  • Yoni Steam, Tea, Bath: Contains homegrown herbs such as Raspberry Leaf and Mugwort and other Womb supporting herbs and flowers (chamomile, Rosa Damascena, Lavender, Calendula and Rosemary. (Can be consumed internally as tea or externally as herbal steam or bath)
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tincture: Made with homegrown, fresh organic Red Raspberry leaf extracted in Vodka and sweetened with Raw Honey. This potent medicine is THE companion for all things womb healing and pain relief. 
  • Womb Massage Oil: Made with sun infused calendula extract oil and uplifting essential oils, this anti-inflammatory oil can be used directly on the womb space and all over the body to relieve pain and inflammation. (do not use directly on vagina)
  • Or get all 3 as a package or gift.

While supplies last. 

You can order them as a kit of individually.

Package comes with an affirmation card and incense sticks (if available)

I made an unboxing video to walk though the products and provide tips on how to use them. (some products mentioned here are sold out)

This package is valued at $60. 

Note for Yoni steaming: You can steam using a sitz bath or a yoni steaming seat (available on etsy or amazon) refer to the video above for more guidance.