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"Vibe So High" Energy Class and Workshop

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Click here to book the class at HealHaus on March 30th at 7:30pm.

Vibe so High, March 29th at 6pm at I See You Studio

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll explore ways to raise our vibrations using accessible tools and healing modalities. The workshop will kick off with a discussion about The Universal Law of Energy, Frequency and Vibrations and how we can work with different energies to ascend, expand and enhance our lives.

Mar will then lead the group in self-healing exercises where you’ll self diagnose, cut energetic cords, clear your energy field and tap into your home energy frequency.

The workshop will end with a relaxing reiki-infused meditation using reiki and aromatherapy adjustments to ensure we send you off in high vibes.

You will receive a limited edition, Vibration-Raising I See You Wellness Product to take home with you. ($20 value)

Only 5 spots available.  

This session will take place at I See You Studio in Brooklyn and will be led by Mariam.

Click here to book the class at HealHaus on March 30th.