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Mentorship Gathering

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We'll begin the evening with a guided Meditation to help us feel grounded and open to receiving divine guidance. This mentorship gathering is a safe space to ask specific questions regarding your journey—whether it's your wellness journey, your spiritual journey or your journey to greatness—all your questions are welcome and will be channeled from spirit by Mar.

We'll come together around tea, snacks and good vibes as we unpack the energies of the month/season/cycle and dive into your questions. 


All the guidance will be spirit-led, Mar will channel specific messages for each participants as well as provide guidance for the collective. This is the space where Mar will share it all: energy hacks, how-to's, universal laws, energy codes, transmissions and anything spirit deems appropriate. Come READY with a notebook and for seeds to be planted deeply. 

Mar will occasionally use divination (tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulum etc) to answer any specific questions.

This gathering includes beverages, snacks and affirmations cards + 25% off any products.

ALL ARE WELCOME. Come as you are.