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Distance Energy Cleanse & Reading (Delivered by Email)

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Distance healing is just as powerful as in-person Reiki and the receiver can experience its bliss from anywhere in the world. This session is designed to assist you release and make peace with the past and align with the newness of the new cycle ahead of you. 

Instructions will be sent by email where you'll get to choose a day and time that works for you to receive the healing. Individuals can intentionally receive it anytime they are available, i.e. at night after work.You will be receiving a combination of Reiki and powerful 13th Octave LaHoChi. Distance Healing will not affect your normal day activities, nor will it interrupt them. You will be ready to receive when you decide to, regardless if the healing was previously sent.

After the healing is sent you will receive a pre-recorded collective reading and individual reading (2 readings) with channeled divine guidance in your inbox by the December 30th, most likely before then. This reading will help you integrate your Energy healing and provide more guidance and clarity. You will get to ask questions to spirit prior to your sessions, and request healing and reading for specific areas of your life.

All details will be emailed to you prior to the session. 

If you're gifting this session, please email iseeyou.wellness@gmail.com with the person's full name.

This is a distance healing session and can be experienced anywhere in the world and will be delivered to your inbox by Dec 30th.

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