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Cycle Breakers: A Cord Cutting Ritual w/ Brujas of Brooklyn

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The theme of this session is: Breaking Cycles. Led by Miguelina and Griselda of Brujas of Brooklyn, this sacred cord cutting ritual will be powerful beyond words.
In this era, many of us are here on earth to break cycles, to cut cords with oppressive systems and to create the NEW. Cycle breakers, you know who you are, this is an opportunity to join our sacred container and do this sacred work in community. This session will be one for the books!

After the practice, we will hold a share circle with the Brujas and Mar to answer your questions and assist you in your journey.
There is a limited number of spots available, so please book at the level that you can afford to allow everyone the opportunity to attend. 

Replay will be available within 24hrs of the session for 30 days.