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Healing Ceremony: Awaken Your Medicine

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In life we are asked, even propelled to journey into a deeper space of retrieving, reclaiming and remembering who and what we are and ultimately how we want to share our new vibration and the ancient medicine that lives within our bones, with our communities. This call is a rite of passage and initiation—but how do we get there?  We must begin by allowing and preparing space in our hearts, body and soul for release and regeneration as we molt and shed our old habits and expectations so that we may embrace new skin and new growth as we move forward in wholeness into this new world of possibility. 

Join Medicine Woman, Mindfulness Coach and Energy Practitioner Damasa Doyle, as she takes us on a deep meditative guided journey preparing us for this new stage of growth via energetic shedding, release and ultimate surrender of our outer layers as we rebirth, re-nourish and re-cultivate new transformational energy which will serve to ignite and deploy our medicine and purpose powerfully into the world.

About Damasa:

Dãmasa Doyle is a Medicine Woman, Mindfulness Coach and Certified Yoga, Reiki, Thai Massage & Energy practitioner who serves as a supportive guide to healing & wellness by focusing on transmuting, unblocking and releasing stagnant energy into joy, flow and ease by using a combination of somatic techniques included but not limited to bodywork, breath work, yoga, meditation, movement, guided journeying and African & South American Shamanic cosmology. Dãmasa brings integrated mindfulness practices, the art of ritual and one of a kind experiences to private clients, educational spaces and corporate businesses to support better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, well being. She offers one-on-one sessions and small intimate group workshops out of her DamaSoul Health and Wellness studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn NY